My name is Sherella Curtis and I work for the State of Georgia in the Medical field. I Praise GOD everyday! I trust, believe, obey, listen and have faith in Father God. There is power in the word Jesus. The Grace and power of God allow me to meet one of the best agents in the County-Lenore Smith and close on my first property-(triplex) this year 2015. Hallelujah! Keep God first in your life.

- Sherella Curtis

Where do i begin!! Mrs lenore was a gift sent from god. Me and family were sent to her by a referra.l we had her help us finda rental property and she took us under her wings she was so kind and patient and every time i called her she replied!! Its a lot of realtors here in atlanta that ONLY thinks about closing a sale but lenore actually cares for her clients. We are waiting for our lease to be up and you can best believe Ms. Lenore will be the one i reach out too

- hpredeoux

My experience was seamless and easy with Lenore there to guide my husband and I through the daunting considerations of buying our first home. I'm a very particular shopper and she was patient, never showing frustration and always enthusiastic. She helped me to remain hopeful when I felt I would never find a home with the features I wanted in the price range that I needed. In an earlier experience, she protected us by withdrawing our offer on a home when she found the the listing misrepresented the type of sewer system it had. We saw puddling around the property. She launched into investigation mode and uncovered the mistake. I believe she saved us tens of thousand of dollars and tons of stress by being observant and thorough. We've been in our home for 8 years now and I'm still happy with my purchase. If we should decide to sell, she is my only choice.

- atsbil

My husband and I are so grateful that we found Realtor Lenore Smith. She was a pleasure to work with. We found our dream home after viewing approximately five properties. The house had been listed for a few days, and during that time more than 20 potential buyers had viewed the property. We were the last group of people to view the property on the third day after the house had been listed. Lenore submitted an offer an hour after we viewed the property. By God's grace, we avoided a bidding war and the offer was accepted. We closed 30 days later. If it had not been for Lenore's diligence (and technical savvy) we would not be in our dream home. Shortly after we closed, we received a Home Depot gift card from Lenore. It was a wonderful surprise, and a testament to Lenore's kindness and her amazing service. If you choose Lenore as your Realtor you won't be disappointed.

- louise704

I would like to thank Lenore Smith for helping me sell my 1st house in College Park. Lenore is very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate. She walked me through all the steps that should be taken so that I could get a quick sale at a great price. I got a 1st day offer and a quick closing.Thank you, Lenore.

When I tried to buy my 1st house I had a hard time finding a realator that would assist me because I had a very limited budget. Buying my second house I was referred to Lenore Smith. She helped me sell my 1st house. We had discussed that I planned to sell one and buy two. Lenore was kind enough to pick me up and take me around to view properties. We viewed serveral properties before I found one that would do. She did not make a large commission on the house I bought but she treated me like I was buying a million dollar property. A few months after we found the house I was back in the market for the second one and she was there every step of the way. With Lenore's help I was able to accomplish my goal of selling one house and buying two! I soon plan to sell and purchase other properties and I am confident that all will go well because Lenore will be there to help guide me. Thanks again, Lenore

- user8674806